I spent a couple hours today putting together a nice solution for “continuous delivery” of this website. I had a few requirements for this:

  1. Deploy based on a git commit to the master branch.
  2. Deploy the build on Travis CI after integration testing.
  3. Use ssh to deploy to my server
  4. Do not publicize the hostname of my server or my ssh keys.

I happened across this lovely tutorial to do almost everything I intended, but I had to change a few things. The key steps are:

  1. Generate an ssh key pair.
  2. Use travis cli to encrypt the public key.
  3. Place the private key on the website’s host server.

     ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C 'build@travis-ci.org' -f ./deploy_rsa
     travis encrypt-file deploy_rsa --add
     ssh-copy-id -i deploy_rsa.pub <ssh-user>@<deploy-host>
     rm -f deploy_rsa deploy_rsa.pub
     git add deploy_rsa.enc .travis.yml
  4. Set environment variables in travis for the host name and website path.
  5. Update .travis.yml to decrypt and import the ssh key.

     - openssl aes-256-cbc -K $encrypted_77244c28eaee_key -iv $encrypted_77244c28eaee_iv
       -in deploy_rsa.enc -out /tmp/deploy_rsa -d
     - eval "$(ssh-agent -s)"
     - chmod 600 /tmp/deploy_rsa
     - ssh-add /tmp/deploy_rsa
     - ssh-keyscan -t 'rsa,dsa,ecdsa' -H $deploy_host_name 2>&1 | tee -a $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts
  6. Update .travis.yml to deploy the build to the host server.

       provider: script
       skip_cleanup: true
       script: rsync -r --delete-after --quiet $TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR/_site/* $deploy_host
     branch: master

When I followed the tutorial, I deviated in that I did not want to reveal the location of my deploy host or path. However, when I tried to use the built-in Travis CI addon to set the ssh-known-hosts, I found that it didn’t work with the environment variables in Travis CI. I found a ticket on Travis CI’s Github that had a possible workaround, so I tried it and got it working as you can see in the snippet above.

The deploy is still not perfect as right now it is just a copy operation and will not handle deleting files, for instance. Later I can add some more operations to do a cleaner deploy, but as I’m mostly adding things to the site now, this setup will suffice for a while.